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TICO Bond Slip Units provide a simple, economical, easy to install solution to the problem of providing movement and support. They can be used in mechanical systems and pipework installations.
TICO Bond Slip Units have been developed over our many years of involvement with petrochemical and industrial clients. Utilising sate-of-the-art plastic materials in conjunction with unique TICO resilient substrates, they have been proven in thousands of applications world-wide.
Upper Member polished (left) or mirror finished (below)  stainless steel
Lower Member etched PTFE, virgin or glass loaded

* Where on-site bonding is required, we would recommend our PTFE lower members with the specially prepared surface to accept industrial adhesives.

TICO Bond Slip units are manufactured and designed to suit each individual application in terms of dimensions and materials. They are generally made up of 2 members.

The standard units come in 4 varieties, the most popular of which is made up as follows:

Upper Member S/NG/PA - TICO S/PA, a mixture of cork particles and synthetic elastomer, bonded to a high quality Molybdenum Disulphide loaded nylon.

This member should always be larger than the lower member to avoid ingress of dirt on to sliding surfaces over full range of movement. The thickness is 2.5 mm
Lower Member RF/PT/PA - TICO RF/PA, a high load bearing composite material of synthetic elastomer modified by the addition of cellular particles, reinforced with layers of fabric and topped with a thin layer of bonded cork, bonded to PTFE

The thickness is variable but generally 8 mm ( 6 mm RF/PA, 2 mm PTFE).

Bond Slip units are usually supplied with metal plates top and bottom - any thickness or grade of steel may be used.

Bonding to Metal Plates

The Problem

PTFE is inherently difficult to bond to any surface, especially metal or concrete. Uneven spread of adhesive and lack of pressure lead to bubbles, high spots, creasing and weak spots. A weak or bad bond causes peeling and problems!

Our Solution

Using the latest materials and technology, all our factory bonding is carried out at elevated temperatures and under pressure using a special bonding format, which together ensure an excellent, smooth, strong bond.

On applications where on-site bonding is the only way possible, the addition of a substrate behind the PTFE or nylon surface (S/NG/PA or RF/PT/PA) facilitates an easier and better bond to steel or concrete.