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TICO S Machinery Mounting Material

TICO S is a high performance machinery mounting material. It matches today's fast changing environment, where ease of machine mounting and flexibility of plant layout are prime factors.

TICO S is manufactured from a blend of carefully selected cork particles and polychloroprene/acrylonitrile elastomers.

  • Rapid installation.
  • Enables flexibility of machinery layout.
  • Reduces vibration.
  • When used in conjunction with TICO adhesive, virtually eliminates use of anchor bolts and associated floor damage, providing major savings.
  • Retains properties throughout long maintenance free life.
  • Operational temperature between -40° and +100°C (-40°F and 212°F).
  • Can reduce transmitted noise.
  • Wide range of standard sheet sizes and thicknesses.
  • Maximum static stress 0.35 MN/m2 (35,000 Kg/m2).
  • Compatible with all types of machine base.
  • Can be supplied cut to size.
Standard Thickness mm (imperial)
Standard Sizes mm (imperial)
Cork/Elastomer Pad

6  (1/4")

12.5  (1/2")

25   (1")

    1200 (4') x 50 (2")

    1200 (4') X 75 (3")

    1200 (4') x 100 (4")

    1200 (4') x 150 (6")

    1200 (4') x 600 (2')

    1200 (4') x 1200 (4')

Typical Applications

Lifts, Conveyors, Generators, Refigerator Plant, Vacuum Pumps, Compressors, etc.

Machinery with internal out of balance forces e.g. Lathes, Pillar Drills, Shapers, Saws, etc.

Machinery with vertical shock loads, e.g. Power Presses, Slotting Machines, Guillotines, Crushers, etc.

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