Nebar - Cork - Elastomer Jointings

Rubber bonded cork gasket material is a unique product. Despite over 50 years of service it possesses properties which mean that for many applications it is still the preferred or only choice.

Blending rubber and cork endows the product with the advantages of both parent materials. Throught careful monitoring of cork quality and selection of elastomers, properties can be tailored to provide the required characteristics.

The wide range of standard products available within the Nebar range covers a broad spectrum of applications. Full technical support is available from James Walker making it easy to specify Nebar as part of an existing or new design of assembly.

Key features and benefits of Nebar cork elastomer jointing

  • Better long term stress retention properties than plain rubbers.
  • A wide range of chemical compatibility (See Chart for full details).
  • Extensive range of standard products to suit the majority of applications.
  • Good creep resistance.
  • High levels of thermal and vibration insulation.
  • Good conformability – grades available to accommodate flanges and faces with high levels of deviation.
  • Liquid jointing compounds are not required.
  • Dimensionally stable through a wide range of operating conditions.
  • Easy to cut and work to form shaped gaskets.
  • High co-efficient of friction.
  • Generally available ex-stock